Survey on Digital Tool Usage in Permaculture

We are thrilled to present a one-of-a-kind chance for you to share your digital tool experiences in permaculture, and as a reward, you might win a copy of our forthcoming book.

To gather valuable insights from permaculture practitioners like yourself, we've designed a concise survey, accessible at By participating in this survey, you'll help enhance our understanding of digital tool usage in European permaculture projects.

Introducing the Nordic Permaculture Teacher Profiles

Classroom with students

Hello, Nordic permaculture enthusiasts! We are excited to announce a new addition to our website, – the Permaculture Teacher Profiles section. We have created a platform where permaculture teachers from all Nordic countries can register and showcase their expertise. With this new feature, finding the perfect permaculture teacher for your needs has never been easier!

PermaPuheet vol. 3 lectures and teachers list is live

PermaPuheet vol. 3 lecture series
PermaPuheet vol. 3 lecture series

Vihreä Pourusmäki and the Finnish Permaculture Association welcomes you to the PermaPuheet lecture series, where we explore the principles of permaculture and sustainability. This year, we have an exciting lineup of lectures and teachers that will delve into various topics related to living in harmony with nature.

Join us on Matrix or Discord

Nordic Permaculture is excited to announce that we now have open channels on both Matrix and Discord, two secure and decentralized communication platforms.

Permaculture is a design philosophy that seeks to create sustainable and self-sufficient systems in harmony with nature. The Nordic Permaculture Network is dedicated to promoting and advancing permaculture practices throughout the Nordic region.

The Nordic Permaculture Meeting 2023 in Denmark

The Nordic Permaculture community is excited to announce the upcoming meeting at Egmont Højskolen in Denmark from February 24th (4-5 pm) to February 26th after lunch.

This meeting is an opportunity for those interested in permaculture to exchange experiences, inspire each other, and maintain and create connections. The event will feature workshops, presentations, and discussions on a variety of permaculture topics.

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