Join Our Mission: Volunteer Translators Needed for Permaculture Initiatives!

Help Us Grow Permaculture Communities Across Europe and the Nordic Regions!

At PermaTeachers.eu and NordicPermaculture.org, we are passionate about spreading the knowledge and practices of permaculture to create a sustainable and thriving future. As we expand our reach to diverse communities across Europe and the Baltoscandic regions, we find the need to transcend language barriers more pressing than ever. This is where we need your help!

Updates to NordicPermaculture.org: Enhancing Learning and Connection

Welcome to the latest chapter at NordicPermaculture.org! Our commitment to fostering a vibrant permaculture community has inspired a series of exciting updates to our website. These enhancements focus on enriching teacher profiles, streamlining the discovery of online events, and improving the browsing experience for projects and places. 

Final Call to Secure Tickets for the Nordic Permaculture Festival 2023

The organizers of the Nordic Permaculture Festival are making a final call to individuals who want to be a part of this year’s much-anticipated event. The deadline for ticket sales is swiftly approaching, with sales closing on the 2nd of July. This marks an unmissable opportunity for enthusiasts, practitioners, and those curious about permaculture to join a vibrant community gathering.

Survey on Digital Tool Usage in Permaculture

We are thrilled to present a one-of-a-kind chance for you to share your digital tool experiences in permaculture, and as a reward, you might win a copy of our forthcoming book.

To gather valuable insights from permaculture practitioners like yourself, we've designed a concise survey, accessible at https://nordicpermaculture.org/en/digital-tools-used-permaculture. By participating in this survey, you'll help enhance our understanding of digital tool usage in European permaculture projects.