Updates to NordicPermaculture.org: Enhancing Learning and Connection

Welcome to the latest chapter at NordicPermaculture.org! Our commitment to fostering a vibrant permaculture community has inspired a series of exciting updates to our website. These enhancements focus on enriching teacher profiles, streamlining the discovery of online events, and improving the browsing experience for projects and places. 

Upgraded Teacher Profiles 

Our teacher profiles have received a significant upgrade. Educators can now showcase their Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), Teacher's Permaculture Training (TPT), and Diploma achievements. This transparency not only celebrates the expertise of our teachers but also helps learners make informed choices about their educational journey.

Additionally, teachers can highlight their past lectures and contributions to the permaculture community. This feature offers a window into each educator's unique approach and areas of expertise, fostering a deeper connection between teachers and learners.

Enhanced Events Form and Online Event Category

In response to the growing demand for online learning, we've introduced an 'Online' category in our events form. This update makes it simpler for users to find and participate in virtual permaculture events, ensuring that learning and connection continue unabated, regardless of physical boundaries.

Our enhanced search functionality allows for a seamless discovery of online events, opening doors to global knowledge exchange and community building.

Improved Display of Projects and Places 

Exploring permaculture projects and places is now more intuitive and engaging. We've revamped the display in our 'Projects & Places' section, making it easier for users to find and learn about various initiatives. This improved browsing experience not only showcases diverse permaculture efforts but also encourages collaboration and inspiration across the community.


These updates to NordicPermaculture.org represent our ongoing dedication to enhancing permaculture education and community engagement. We believe these changes will enrich the experiences of our users, both educators and learners alike.

We're excited to see how these enhancements foster growth and connection within the Nordic Permaculture community. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for further improvements.

Please explore the new features on NordicPermaculture.org and connect with a vibrant community committed to sustainable living and learning. Whether you're a seasoned permaculturist or just starting your journey, there's something for everyone in our ever-growing community. Join us in this exciting phase of growth and discovery!