the resources below have been proven over the years to be very helpful. From time to time we add new resources. If you have a suggestion please let us know.


in Englisch:

Patrick Whitefield - Earth Care Manual
Comprehensive book about permaculture design. Very detailed chapters about soil, water, landscape, etc. One of the best permaculture books currently available.

Bill Mollison - Designers Manual
The book about permaculture design. Often out of print. Often hard to get. Copies can cost up to 300,- €.

Aranya - Permaculture Design
An entrance it to the world of permaculture design. Not to detailed but good enough information to understand the subject. 

Looby McNamara - People & Permaculture
Social design, including Looby's design web. 

Martin Crawford - Creating a forest garden
The standard book forest gardens - with lots of details and plants (not all applicable for Finland)

Dave Jacke & Eric toensmeier - Edible Forest Gardens, 2 Volume Set
a comprehensive guide to forest gardens

in Finnish:

Permakulttuuriopas - Ilkka Aula
Especially for those working with children and young people, but useful for everyone!

Luomutarhuri - Heidi Haapalahti
This book brings together in one book excellent information on how to set up and manage an organic vegetable garden.

Monivuotiset vihannekset - Annevi Sjöberg, Philip Weiss, Daniel Larsson
As the name suggests, a comprehensive guide to edible perennial vegetables that are also suitable for the Finnish climate

Pähkinöitä omasta puutarhasta - Joel Rosenberg
The first Finnish guide to nuts inspires and gives practical advice for both novice nut gardeners and those interested in breeding.

Puutarhamarjamme - Leif Blomqvist
A comprehensive home-grown handbook for berry cultivation in the home garden.

Riippumaton puutarha - Riikka Kaihovaara
The collapse of industrial food production and the basics of permaculture (in the garden).

Luonnon kotiapteekki - Virpi Raipala-Cormier
This book presents the history and use of herbaceous plants in folk medicine, how to collect herbs and how to prepare them into herbal remedies.

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