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Our website offers a self-service platform for permaculture enthusiasts to share their projects, courses, and events with others.

With our interactive map, you can easily find permaculture places in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. Simply click on a location to learn more about the projects and events happening near you.

And if you have a permaculture project of your own, you can register on our website and add it to the map. This is a great way to share your work with others and connect with like-minded individuals in the permaculture community.

Discover the exciting world of permaculture in the Nordics & Baltics!


Nordic Permaculture Festival aerial
Nordic Permaculture Festival aerial
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At PermaTeachers.eu and NordicPermaculture.org, we are passionate about spreading the knowledge and practices of permaculture to create a sustainable and thriving future. As we expand our reach to diverse communities across Europe and the Baltoscandic regions, we find the need to transcend language barriers more pressing than ever. This is where we need your help!

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