This site should function as a hub in the Nordic countries - an entry point into permaculture with links to many different sites, blogs, videos, etc. 

It is run by non-for-profit Vihreä Pourusmäki Ry.

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Information about Permaculture

Over the past 6 years we have collected a good amount of information about permaculture and related topics, like regenerative agriculture, syntropic farming, etc.

Self Service - your responsibility

Instead of gathering all the information by hand, which would consume a lot of time, we rely on people sending us the relevant information or even co-creating the information.


We have a low maintenance structure. We believe in the Teal principles:

  • Wholeness (come as you are)
  • Self-management
  • Evolutionary purpose

You are interested in helping out?

If you want to volunteer your time please use our contact form and let us know.

We always need help with:

  • Translation updates
  • Article writing
  • Event facilitation / management
  • Reach out
  • Graphics design