Final Call to Secure Tickets for the Nordic Permaculture Festival 2023

The organizers of the Nordic Permaculture Festival are making a final call to individuals who want to be a part of this year’s much-anticipated event. The deadline for ticket sales is swiftly approaching, with sales closing on the 2nd of July. This marks an unmissable opportunity for enthusiasts, practitioners, and those curious about permaculture to join a vibrant community gathering.

The Nordic Permaculture Festival, renowned for its educational workshops, insightful lectures, and hands-on experiences, is set to take place from 03.08 to 06.08. It's an event that brings together like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainable living, community building, and environmental stewardship.

We are excited to announce that the program for this year's festival is now available online. Attendees can get a glimpse of what’s in store by visiting the festival’s official website at The program boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, workshops, and activities that cater to all ages and levels of experience in permaculture.

To purchase tickets, visit /

About the Nordic Permaculture Festival

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is an annual event that brings together individuals passionate about permaculture, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. The festival aims to educate and inspire through workshops, lectures, and hands-on experiences, fostering a sense of community among its participants.