Join us on Matrix or Discord

Nordic Permaculture is excited to announce that we now have open channels on both Matrix and Discord, two secure and decentralized communication platforms.

Permaculture is a design philosophy that seeks to create sustainable and self-sufficient systems in harmony with nature. The Nordic Permaculture Network is dedicated to promoting and advancing permaculture practices throughout the Nordic region.

Our new Matrix and Discord channels will provide spaces for members of the permaculture community to connect and collaborate on projects, share resources, and engage in discussions related to permaculture and sustainability.

The Nordic Permaculture Network is committed to using open-source and privacy-respecting technology, and both Matrix and Discord align with these values. We believe that these new platforms will help us to better serve our community and further our mission of promoting permaculture practices in the Nordics.

We invite all members of the permaculture community to join us on Matrix and Discord and be a part of these exciting new developments. To access our channels, simply download the Matrix or Discord app and join the "Nordic Permaculture" community on either platform. Matrix can be accessed with Element using the browser. Discord can be access with the browser as well

We look forward to seeing you there!